An overachieving vitamin and mineral machine.
Asks no questions. Works weekends. Gets it done.

All Supernormal™ products and services have been carefully developed and tested by our team of doctors, pharmacists and scientists in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why Sn™000

Testosterone and libido

Zinc and Fenugreek contribute to male libido and normal testosterone levels 

Energy levels

Iodine and Vitamin B2 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Vitamin C and B9 help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Hair growth

Zinc, Selenium and Biotin help promote stronger, thicker hair.

Immune system

Vitamin C, Vitamin D och Folate support normal immune function

Muscles and bones

Vitamin D supports normal bone and muscle tissue growth.

What it does Sn™000 Multitasker
Bone Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphate absorption, important for healthy bones.
Muscles Vitamin B9 for muscle growth, Vitamin D for muscle function, and Zinc to help build proteins
Balls Fenugreek to boost libido, Selenium for sperm production and Zinc to uphold testosterone levels.
Hair Biotine for normal hair growth, and Selenium to counter hair loss.
  • Produced in a GMP™ certified facility Produced in a GMP™ certified facility
  • Naturally colored Naturally colored
  • 100% vegan 100% vegan
Us vs Them
Supports health
Formulated to boost testosterone and libido
Dosages optimized for men
Proactive ingredients to prevent hair loss
No risk of overuse
Does not need to be refrigerated, safe for travel
How to use 1 pack → 4 weeks → 28 capsules
1 Take one capsule per day.
2 Boast 12 key vitamins & minerals.
3 Make it a habit. Feel Supernormal.
Why does Multitasker™ not include…?

No Vitamin A added

  • Vitamin A is found in various food sources such as vegetables, dairy products, cereals, fish, and meat. In Sweden, deficiency is mainly seen in patients with specific conditions like cholestasis, IBD, cystic fibrosis, or intestinal failure. It can accumulate in the body to unhealthy levels over time.

No Vitamin B1 added

  • Vitamin B1 is a water-soluble vitamin essential for carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Deficiency is typically observed in malnourished individuals, especially those with chronic alcohol abuse. We encourage those with such issues to seek professional help.

No Vitamin B5 added

  • Deficiency of Vitamin B5 is rare and mostly observed in extreme situations like starvation or severe malnutrition. It is present in many dietary sources such as meats, vegetables, and grains. We don't see the need to add more if you already get enough through your diet.

No Mangan, Copper, Chrome, or Molybdenum added

  • Deficiencies of these trace minerals are extremely rare. They naturally occur in various foods and even drinking water. Excessive amounts can have toxic effects on humans, so we see no reason to add to that risk.

No Calcium added

  • Free calcium levels are regulated by Vitamin D. Since most people, especially in Sweden, already get sufficient calcium from their diet and there is a risk of Vitamin D deficiency in the northern hemisphere, we decided to include Vitamin D but leave calcium out of the equation.
How were the ingredients in Multitasker™ chosen?

Our medical team carefully selected each ingredient in Multitasker based on the latest advancements in male health science. We have prioritized using the most effective and bioavailable forms of each ingredient to ensure the highest possible quality. This applies not only to vitamins and minerals but also to ingredients aimed at boosting libido, supporting sperm production, and maintaining optimal testosterone levels.

Who should take Multitasker™?

Multitasker™ is for men of all ages seeking optimal health. It provides essential vitamins and minerals, including fenugreek for libido, selenium for sperm production, and zinc for testosterone levels. It also contains vitamin B9 for muscle growth and vitamin D for muscle function. Whether starting your health journey or an experienced athlete, Multitasker supports you.

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Sn™604 Delay gel
A soft aqueous gel to naturally delay orgasm when applied just before sex.
Sn™603 Stimulating gel
A gentle gel containing ginger extract, designed to increase stimulus and pleasure.
Sn™602 Lubricant
Our water- and silicone-based lubricant for less friction and more pleasure.
Sn™601 Condom
Our ultra thin condom, made from natural latex and coated in aqueous lubricant.
Sn™302 Autofocus™
A nootropic turbocharge without the jitters from this perfect blend of caffeine and theanine.
Sn™301 Brains™
A combo of essential omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins to help the brain function better, and for longer.
Sn™000 Multitasker™
A rock solid collection of essential vitamins and minerals specifically engineered for male health.
Sn™401 Pro-Bee™
Our pollen-powered gut guardian, built around the patented H13 microbiome®.
Sn™1000 The Foundations™
Our flagship 3-in-1 solution for brain health, a healthy gut microbiome and balanced nutrition!
Sn™100 Recovery™
A potent effervescent to replace what’s lost during workouts, flight routes or nights out.
Sn™222 Deep™
The 3 active ingredients insiders swear by, finally together. For sound sleep without side effects.
Sn™3000 BioAge™
Measure and track your biological age by analyzing and aggregating 9 key biomarkers.
Sn™900 CheckUp™
Our comprehensive men’s preventative health test, measuring over 50 biomarkers.