The ultimate threesome for brain, body and gut.
Looks like supplements. Works like a cheat code.

All Supernormal™ products and services have been carefully developed and tested by our team of doctors, pharmacists and scientists in Stockholm, Sweden.

Key factors in favor

Brain health

A calibrated daily dose of Omega 3 fatty acids and crucial B Vitamins


Aims to fortify the natural microbiome of the intestine.

Selected nutrients

Essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

s a firefighter, I rely on Sn™1000 for my daily strength and readiness.

Liam Z

The older i get the more interested I Become pf taking care of my health.


Nice to reach daily intake of Omega 3 and all vitamins first thing you do.

Hugo A

I've only used it for just over a month, but the routine helps me focus on my health.

Theo O

  • Produced in a GMP™ certified facility Produced in a GMP™ certified facility
  • Certified Omega 3 Certified Omega 3
  • PureMax™ guaranteed PureMax™ guaranteed
Us vs Them
Supports a healthy lifestyle
Dosages optimized for men
Formulated to boost testosterone and libido
Omega 3 included
Convenient weekly packaging
No risk of overuse
How to use 1 box → 1 month → 112 capsules
1 Take 4 capsules every day.
2 Use the planner to stay on track.
3 Keep at it. Feel great.
Who should take The Foundations™?

The Foundations™ was formulated to provide a full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, support cognitive function and gut health for every man. Whether you are in the beginning of your health effort or you are an experienced athlete, Foundation gives you the basis to start your day.

When should I take The Foundations™?

The Foundations™ was designed to be taken any time of day. However, we always recommend making Foundations a part of your morning routine, to make sure you don’t miss days. And if you do, just take them later in the day.

Why have you chosen these three supplements in The Foundations™?

By specifically targeting the brain and the gut, in combination with the nutrients your body needs, you get a synergistic effect that supports your well-being in a holistic way.

Clinical tests and studies



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Pro Bee™

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Sn™604 Delay gel
A soft aqueous gel to naturally delay orgasm when applied just before sex.
Sn™603 Stimulating gel
A gentle gel containing ginger extract, designed to increase stimulus and pleasure.
Sn™602 Lubricant
Our water- and silicone-based lubricant for less friction and more pleasure.
Sn™601 Condom
Our ultra thin condom, made from natural latex and coated in aqueous lubricant.
Sn™302 Autofocus™
A nootropic turbocharge without the jitters from this perfect blend of caffeine and theanine.
Sn™301 Brains™
A combo of essential omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins to help the brain function better, and for longer.
Sn™000 Multitasker™
A rock solid collection of essential vitamins and minerals specifically engineered for male health.
Sn™401 Pro-Bee™
Our pollen-powered gut guardian, built around the patented H13 microbiome®.
Sn™1000 The Foundations™
Our flagship 3-in-1 solution for brain health, a healthy gut microbiome and balanced nutrition!
Sn™100 Recovery™
A potent effervescent to replace what’s lost during workouts, flight routes or nights out.
Sn™222 Deep™
The 3 active ingredients insiders swear by, finally together. For sound sleep without side effects.
Sn™3000 BioAge™
Measure and track your biological age by analyzing and aggregating 9 key biomarkers.
Sn™900 CheckUp™
Our comprehensive men’s preventative health test, measuring over 50 biomarkers.