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The Supernormal™ collection is carefully developed and tested by a medical team.

What it does Sn™p01 Creatine
Enhanced ATP Production By using the power of Sn™p01 Creatine you instantly increase the availability of creatine phosphate in your muscles. A key component for the body's ability to rapidly generate new ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the primary energy source for muscles. An effective tool to prolong peak performance.
Maximize long-term muscle growth By stimulating satellite cells, creatine significantly increases the number of cell nuclei in your muscles. An optimal environment for protein production and accelerated muscle growth.
Fast and effective recovery Creatine isn't just about performance; it's also your ally in post-workout recovery. Sn™p01 Creatine not only propels you through intense workouts but also ensures quick muscle function recovery, allowing you to effectively push your limits.
  • Naturally colored Naturally colored
  • 100% vegan 100% vegan
  • Proven effect Proven effect
  • Made in Sweden Made in Sweden

Immediate Strength Enhancement

Sn™p01 Creatine delivers a direct and potent impact on your strength. Increasing levels of creatine phosphate in your muscles, not only elevates your performance during bursts of intense training but also provides superior power for repeated high-intensity efforts.


Creatine is currently the most extensively researched supplement on the market, allowing you to confidently incorporate Sn™p01 Creatine into your training for guaranteed and measurable improvement in performance.

Improve lasting results

Elevating not just your immediate workout quality but also paving the way for sustained muscle growth, Sn™p01 Creatine is your key to long-term success. By investing and committing to the journey, you'll build continuous and substantial muscle development over time.

Vegan and made in Sweden

In addition to performance-boosting benefits, our  Sn™p01 Creatine is vegan and produced in Sweden, making it an ethical and sustainable choice for all lifestyles and values.

What is creatine?

Creatine is a natural substance that is a natural compound found in the body's muscles, playing a central role in energy production during short, high-intensity exercise. As a supplement, Sn™p01 Creatine increases the available creatine phosphate in your muscles, resulting in improved performance as well as fast and safe recovery.

Why is Sn™p01 Creatine a good supplement choice?

Creatine stands out as one of the most researched supplements on the market, allowing you to confidently incorporate Sn™p01 Creatine into your training for measurable performance improvements.

Is creatine a steroid?

The short and simple answer is no.


Steroids have a different chemical structure than creatine, although they share some similarities. Both substances exist naturally in the body, and supplementing with them can enhance your performance. However, they differ in the fact that creatine does not pose the same risks of side effects. Excess creatine in the body is easily excreted in the urine, ensuring a safer and more controlled supplementation experience compared to anabolic steroids, which carry multiple risks of side effects and are also illegal to consume according to Swedish law.

Who should consume creatine?

Sn™p01 Creatine is the ultimate supplement for individuals actively engaged in training, aiming for enhanced performance. It’s also vegan-friendly and scientifically formulated, making it the best suitable choice for anyone who prioritizes quality, regardless of their lifestyle.

How often and at what time should you take Sn™p01 Creatine?

For Sn™p01 Creatine to be used effectively, a daily dose is usually recommended. Intake can be done at any time that fits into your routine. Many people prefer to take it either before or after exercise for optimal results.

Sn™p01 Creatine
Enhance your performance while gaining long-term muscle growth.
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