Supernormal™ is the gateway to men’s health. Test, optimize and track your Brain, Hair, Sleep, Sex, Fertility, Energy or Everything.

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01 Test
Your health: magnified, analyzed, optimized.
Sn™900 CheckUp™
Secure your legacy.
Sn™702 Legacy™ Scan
02 Optimize
Sn™604 Delay gel
A soft aqueous gel to naturally delay orgasm when applied just before sex.
Sn™603 Stimulating gel
A gentle gel containing ginger extract, designed to increase stimulus and pleasure.
Sn™602 Lubricant
Our water- and silicone-based lubricant for less friction and more pleasure.
Sn™601 Condom
Our ultra thin condom, made from natural latex and coated in aqueous lubricant.
Sn™703 Legacy™ Vault

Fertility secured. Freeze sperm. Unlock future possibilities with confidence.

Sn™701 Legacy™

A combination of enzymes, amino acids and vitamins tailored to promote better sperm production

Sn™702 Legacy™ Scan
Our comprehensive fertility test measuring sperm count, motility and volume.
Sn™302 Autofocus™
A nootropic turbocharge without the jitters from this perfect blend of caffeine and theanine.
Sn™301 Brains™
A combo of essential omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins to help the brain function better, and for longer.
Sn™000 Multitasker™
A rock solid collection of essential vitamins and minerals specifically engineered for male health.
Sn™401 Pro-Bee™
Our pollen-powered gut guardian, built around the patented H13 microbiome®.
Sn™1000 Foundations™
Our flagship 3-in-1 solution for brain health, a healthy gut microbiome and balanced nutrition.
Sn™100 Recovery™
A potent effervescent to replace what’s lost during workouts, flight routes or nights out.
Sn™222 Deep™
The 3 active ingredients insiders swear by, finally together. For sound sleep without side effects.
Sn™900 CheckUp™
Our comprehensive men’s preventative health test, measuring over 50 biomarkers.
03 Track

Take a high resolution snapshot of your health, and begin tracking your journey to improve it.

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Sn™ Base 1

Sn™ Base 1