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Weight loss made easy
Clinically proven weight loss
An average weight loss of 15-20% for those who have tried everything.
Assistance with finding the right medication, 100% digital.
Constant support from doctors, dietitians, and coaches.
Popular products
Sn™900 CheckUp™
Analysis by doctors Biggest in Sweden Quick assessment
Our comprehensive men’s health test, measuring over 50 biomarkers.
Sn™3000 BioAge™
Anti-aging insights Predicting lifespan Understand aging
Measure your biological age easily by analyzing 9 key biomarkers.
Sn™222 Deep™
Improved quality of sleep No prescription needed Deeper sleep
The 3 active ingredients insiders swear by for sound sleep without side effects.
Sn™1000 The Foundations™
Daily supplements Essential vitamins 3-in-1
Optimize brain, gut, and nutrition with our 3-in-1 foundation solution.
Sn™604 Delay gel
Prevent early ejaculation Delay orgasm Easy to use
A soft aqueous gel to naturally delay orgasm when applied before sex.
03 Track

Take a high resolution snapshot of your health, and begin tracking your journey to improve it.

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02 Optimize
So excited about trying all these products!


Just died and came to male health heaven


Looking forward to testing my biological age and sperm count.


I wish, I wish that I lived in Sweden just to become a customer!

Kurt Slanaker

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01 Test
Your health: magnified, analyzed, optimized.
Monitor your health with the CheckUp™ Test: Assess your overall well-being using 56 key biomarkers. Detect and manage potential health risks while gaining insights for a healthier lifestyle.
Sn™900 CheckUp™
How old are you, really?
Explore aging with BioAge™: Measure your biological age and gain insights into your body's aging process, making it a valuable choice for those interested in long-term health and anti-aging.
Sn™3000 BioAge™
Secure your legacy.
Our comprehensive fertility test measures sperm- count, motility, and volume. An easy way to test fertility at home, simple and convenient.
Sn™702 Legacy™ Scan
Test your performace capabilities
Explore a whole new world of physical fitness. This unique analysis examines recovery levels, exercise, and diet biomarkers, perfect for those aiming to improve their overall performance.
Sn™p00 Performance™ test
FAQ Get to know Sn™
Frequently Asked Questions Below we list the most common questions about our services. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us, and we will assist you.
What is Supernormal?

Supernormal is your digital health platform, seamlessly connecting you with the solutions you need, right from the comfort of your home. We’re here to support your journey towards better health, offering personalized solutions in weight loss, sexual health, sleep, hair loss, and diagnostics.

Through our straightforward online processes, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with licensed medical professionals who are prepared to devise customized treatment plans for you, including prescription options if necessary, all delivered straight to your doorstep. Perfect for those in Sweden seeking a blend of convenience and quality care.


How does Supernormal work?

At Supernormal, we’re here to guide you through the maze of health concerns you might be navigating. It all starts with a simple form – your first step toward clarity and control. From there, we often arrive at a diagnosis, blending lifestyle adjustments with medical solutions tailored just for you.

If you're still figuring out the specifics of your health puzzle, why not kickstart your journey with one of our comprehensive health tests? Or, like many of our curious visitors, dip your toes into the transformative potential of our carefully curated products. It's your health, optimized and simplified, with Supernormal as your partner.


Who is Supernormal for?

Supernormal is for adults who are experiencing health issues or want to improve or support their health and prefer to do so simply and digitally.

Where is Supernormal available?

Supernormal is available throughout Sweden. Parts of our services and products require a blood test - Health Tests and Weight Loss - which is why we recommend our users find a sampling location that suits them as a first step.