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01 Test
Your health: magnified, analyzed, optimized.
A comprehensive test for men's health that measures over 50 biomarkers. Gain insight into the body's vital functions and get help in early identification of risks and imbalances.
Sn™900 CheckUp™
How old are you, really?
BioAge™ measures your biological age by analyzing specific biomarkers, providing insight into your body's health and well-being.
Sn™3000 BioAge™
Secure your legacy.
Our comprehensive fertility test measures sperm- count, motility, and volume. An easy way to test fertility at home, simple and convenient.
Sn™702 Legacy™ Scan
02 Optimize
I stopped taking all steriods right after I did the Supernormal health test

Wolf K

Took all 3 Deep™ capsules yesterday, 97% recovery and +42% REM sleep according to WHOOP.


Surprised that it works. Felt like a different world of focus.

Mathias S

As a firefighter, I rely on Sn™1000 for my daily strength and readiness.

Liam Z

Started training harder recently; Multitasker™ really helps with what my diet misses.

Ludvig S

03 Track

Take a high resolution snapshot of your health, and begin tracking your journey to improve it.

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Sn™ Base 1