An ultra-thin rubber.
that keeps you out of trouble.

The Supernormal™ collection is carefully developed and tested by a medical team.

  • ISO4074 GB7544 ISO4074 GB7544
  • No. 1 manufactured condom No. 1 manufactured condom
  • Tested Tested
Us vs Them
Ultra thin
Most used condom
Japanese technology
World Health Organization (WHO) standards
Sn™ Cabinet collection
Featuring lubricant, delay gel, stimulating gel and condoms. Accessible through single-use, hygienic sachets. Stored in drawers designed to fit your bathroom cabinet.
Why Sn™601

Avoid  pregnancy 

Using a condom greatly reduces the risk of an unwanted pregnancy


Protect against STD's

Condoms provide protection against many STI's


FAQ 7 common condom mistakes
1 Using an old/dry condom.

Check the exp. date and make sure the package isn't broken. An old condom as well as a broken package may cause the condom to break during sex.

2 Placing the condom inside-out.

Place condom in your hand or hold with both hands to visually or tactically figure out which side is up. Attempting to roll the condom over the penis inside-out before turning it around can put sperms on the tip of the condom and impregnate a partner.


3 Forgetting the "tip-pinch"

Pinch the tip of the condom before rolling it over the erect penis. Air may otherwise fill the tip, which will increase the risk of causing the condom to tear or rip during sex.


4 Doing a half-roll

Make sure the condom is rolled over the penis all the way down to the root. Failing to do so, will increase the risk of the condom getting stuck during sex, and semen slipping out at the base after ejaculation, increasing the risk of impregnating your partner.


5 Staying indoors

Once orgasm is reached, make sure to pull out before the penis goes flaccid. Staying inside your partner with a flaccid penis will increase the risk of semen slipping out as well as the condom getting stuck inside once pulling out.


6 Not preparing the exit

Make sure you hold on to the condom at the base when pulling out. Not holding the condom in place when pulling out may cause the condom to get stuck inside your partner.


7 Almost done!

Don't forget the final step! Carefully remove the condom and throw it in the trash (not toilet!). Having a used condom lying around is apart from being nasty also a plausible, yet slim way of impregnating your partner.

Sn™p00 Performance™ test
Receive insights about your fitness level through an extensive analysis to optimize performance.
Sn™p01 Creatine
Enhance your performance while gaining long-term muscle growth.
Sn™p02 Whey Protein, Natural
Our protein, developed with amino acids for muscle repair, growth and recovery.
Sn™p02 Whey Protein, Double Rich Chocolate
Our chocolate-flavored protein, developed for muscle repair and growth.
Sn™604 Delay gel
A soft aqueous gel to naturally delay orgasm when applied before sex.