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Sn™ Legacy™
Test, boost, and store your sperm.
If you plan to start a family at some point, now is the time to give it some attention. Find out which services suit your needs.
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Dedicated to your fertility.

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“Half of the problems couples have getting pregnant are down to men. We’re here to help them take responsibility.”
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How we stack up
Supernormal™ Normal
Home test? At home discreet and private (Send away)
Time to results? 15 minutes (long wait times)
Follow up plan? Personalized plans No customized plan for improvment
Support? Immediate by our experts Time wasted waiting on appointments
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Changes to improve your sperm count
Lose excess weight
Stop smoking
Cut back on alcohol
Avoid recreational drugs
Do regular exercise
Manage stress levels
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Sn™ Partners
ExSeed – Pioneers in clinically accurate at-home testing
ExSeed Track your sperm volume, motility and concentration using advanced fertility technology – all from your smartphone.

The test is delivered to your doorstep and you get preliminary results within 15 minutes. Embryologists review every single test, and our doctors contact you when the analysis is completed. The tests exceed 95% accuracy, with CE-certification and follow WHO standards.
Meet our doctors

Consultations for couples

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“Fertility is a shared responsibility, and proactive measures can increase your chances of starting a family.”
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