Bio Age 98

Biological age as a means to extend and improve your life

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As healthspan and lifespan research breakthroughs have become more commonplace, the need for valid, practical markers of biological age is becoming increasingly paramount. The accessibility and affordability of biological age predictors that can reveal information about mortality and morbidity risk, as well as remaining years of life, has profound clinical and research implications. This review examines 5 groups of aging biomarkers capable of providing accurate biological age estimations. The unique capabilities of these biomarkers have far reaching implications for the testing of both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions designed to slow or reverse biological aging. The enhanced validity and availability of these tools may further have increasingly relevant clinical value. Additionaly, an overview of the current evidence regarding telomere length, composite biomarkers, DNA methylation "epigenetic clocks", transcriptional predictors of biological age and functional age predictors are provided.


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