Bio Age 305

Longevity, Epigenetics, Microbiome Health & The Difference Between Eating Long-Term Wellness versus Performance

1 min read

Simon Körösi

Reviewed by: Joanna Elmes

This episode is a geeky deep dive into the hardcore science behind everything from telomeres and the mechanisms behind aging and longevity to the primacy of maintaining microbiome health; oxidative stress and the relationship between inflammation and chronic disease; epigenetics and genetic disposition versus expression; and of course nutrition – divining truth from myth, the impact of micronutrient inadequacies, focused supplementation and the difference between eating for optimal wellness versus performance.


Today’s guide through this byzantine labyrinth of crucial biological processes is my brilliant friend Rhonda Patrick, PhD.


A Ph.D in biomedical sciences, Dr. Patrick is an expert in nutrition, metabolism and aging. She has done considerable research in all of these fields, including research on cancer and the effects of mineral and vitamin supplementation on metabolism, inflammation and aging. She did her graduate research at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, where she focused on cancer, mitochondrial metabolism and apoptosis. In addition, she conducts clinical trials and has performed extensive aging research at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.


The episode covers a ton of material, including:  


- identifying the biomarkers of aging

- the biological impact of oxidative stressors

- acute inflammation vs. chronic inflammation

- why we should forget about protein and focus on fiber

- the importance of cultivating a healthy microbiome

- the leading causes of chronic inflammation

- the benefits of exercise-induced inflammation

- the benefits of curcumin

- stress adaptation and immune system response

- why Omega-3 is important & how to get it

- circadian rhythm and bright light exposure

- stress reduction techniques

- the benefits of meditation

- DNA damage and telomerase

- the importance of Vitamin D

- Rhonda’s recommended supplements

- gene polymorphisms

- nutrition/lifestyle & athletic performance vs. long-term wellness/longevity