Pro-Bee 461

Fermented Honey

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Simon Körösi

Reviewed by: Joanna Elmes

Raw honey is a potent prebiotic, nourishing good bacteria in the intestines which facilitate healthy digestion. Honey contains non-digestive oligosaccharides which can’t be absorbed by the digestive tract. Instead, these oligosaccharides pass on to the colon where they’re able to ferment. This produces short-chain fatty acids that help proliferate bifidobacteria strains which aid in the digesting dietary fiber, prevention of gut infections, and producing essential digestive vitamins.


Honey has potential to enhance the gut microbiome, mitigating the spread of harmful bacteria and encouraging the growth of necessary gut bacteria. Gut health has implications for overall health. As a recent study pointed out, the gut microbiome affects cognition, metabolism, weight management, and even mental health. The same study also suggests how using antimicrobial foods like honey could be used to control pathogenic viruses in the future.