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Good things to think about before taking a blood test

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Before you have your blood tested with Supernormal, there are a few pointers we think you should know in order to be better prepared:


General instructions

Bring a valid ID


The test will be taken on an empty stomach. This means that you are not allowed to consume anything for the past 10 hours prior to the test. The only exception is water and plain coffee/tea without sugar or milk. 


The test needs to be taken in the morning before 10 am due to biomarkers that are sensitive to the circadian rhythm.


You are recommended to rest on site for at least 15 minutes before testing


Morning medication needs to be taken after blood testing and not before


You do not need a referral

Things that may affect the test results


There are numerous things that may influence the results of one or several biomarkers. For this reason, we have gathered a few tips to help you get the most out of your test and make tracking of biomarkers more accurate over time.


Time of day


Several biomarkers, including testosterone and cortisol fluctuate daily, peaking in the morning and diminishing throughout the day. It is therefore important to have your blood tested as early as possible in the morning. To further remove possible confounding factors, we advise you to get tested around the same time to better track and monitor possible trends.




Antibiotics are the group of drugs most likely to interfere with laboratory tests. We recommend that you wait at least 2 weeks after finishing your course of antibiotics before having your blood tested. 


Hormonal treatments may affect test results over a long period of time even after finishing the course of treatment. 


Vitamins and supplements may affect the test results in various ways.


Food and Drinks


Biomarkers including Glucose, LDL, Triglycerides and C-peptide are very sensitive to food and beverage intake. If you haven’t refrained from it for at least 10-12 hours, test results will be affected. 


Fat-rich foods may affect results even if taken several days prior to testing.


Alcohol has the ability to affect levels of fats, glucose and liver function biomarkers in a blood test. Refrain from alcohol consumption several days prior to testing to make sure it doesn’t affect your results. 


Physical activity


Physical exercise causes several changes in your body including blood. Thus having the ability to influence your test results. Refrain from strenuous physical activity the day before you get tested and make sure you have enough time to relax once you arrive at the testing site. Being stressed just before having your blood drawn may affect the test results. 


Afraid of needles?


It’s perfectly normal to feel uneasy around needles or any other part of the testing process. The staff of professionals will do their absolute best to ensure the best possible experience for you. If there is anything they can do to make the process more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to bring this up before the test.