Testing & diagnostics

4 easy steps
step-1 1. Survey Start by answering some questions about your current health status.
step-2 2. Test Depending on the test, give a blood or semen sample at home or in one of our partner clinics.
step-3 3. Results Receive the results of your test via a secure link.
step-4 4. Follow-up Personal recommendations and advice from our doctors.
Sn™3000 BioAge™
Sn™3000 BioAge™
Measure your biological age easily by analyzing 9 key biomarkers.
Testing & diagnostics
Legacy™ Scan
Towards fatherhood
Sn™702 Legacy™Scan
Sn™702 Legacy™ Scan
Our comprehensive fertility test measuring sperm count, motility and volume.
Track your biomarkers
  • Testosterone (nmol/L)
  • Glucose (mmol/L)
  • PSA (mg/L)